2018 ford escape engine failure

Similar as last time. One day engine started knocking-no warning lights/no low oil light. Engine failure warning, no acceleration, diagnosed as acceleration body failure, sensors not reporting back to main computer. #6. Crankshaft pulley defective causing sound when aircon is engaged. Car started to run very rough, as though it were 'missing'. Design defect, new pulley bracket has improved mounting. It also has an open deck design for an efficient cooling. Check engine light on, loud thumping/flatulence sound from the rear of the car. POOR MPG's. Needed two position solonoids, $80 plus tax CAD each plus several hours shop labor to install. Check engine light came on. The intermittent loss of power as previously reported was diagnosed as loss of current supply to the spark plug, thus high voltage coil plate has been replaced. I paid for something that should be warr. The EcoBoost family also includes a bigger 4-cylinder engine - 2.3L EcoBoost. "It was the most frightening experience of my life because you just feel completely powerless.". Ventilation and cooling for the batteries. However, problem resolved before could take to Ford each time. Exhaust system upstream of muffler was loose and was replaced. Dealer diagnosed as cooling fan failure (electric). Both cam position sensors on 6 cylinder engine replaced after check engine light and code indicated need for repair. Chart based on 497 repair trips. Noise car was making was vacuum in gas tank caused by faulty purge control valve. Dealer to cover repairs. Unable to remove from mounting hole. Low coolant warning. TrueDelta is not affiliated with any car manufacturer or their trademarks. I replaced all four engine/trans axle mounts. The diagnosis was a failed thermostat. Replace catalytic converter and mass airflow sensor. Check engine light appeared. Gas filler tube assembly gasket released gas tank pressure, dealer re-seated the gasket and couldn't reproduce the noise. Ford says they can't do anything about it. TSB 13-02-15 – 2013 Escape – 1.6L GTDI – Service Engine Soon Light – DTC P26B7 – Built On Or Before 2/13/2013 Spark plug also damaged the coil on wire when it blew out requiring replacement. Read codes using ODB and replaced faulty coil by new one. Coil pack replaced. Had to drill and use an EZ-Out to remove broken stud. found to be a loose gas cap. No heat caused by radiator cap not being secured previous trip. Water pump making sounds indicating failure, replaced water pump with Gates brand. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's engine and engine cooling with 58 problems. Check engine light flashing. After research and contact with the dealership, most likely culprit is a defective throttle body. I was there at Fairway Ford for many hours while they attempted to get my car fixed! Continue to have problem with the checked engine light coming on because of the fuel system door not making a good seal. Oil leak was slowed using a synthetic oil with "Restore" oil added in. limped car across town, stopping for it to cool. Check Engine lights on, engine misfire Rattle noise at 28-38 MPH and 1300-1400 RPM. Decided to replace everything downstream of the exhaust manifolds [with embedded 'front' converters] along with O2 sensors. Seems no subsequent damage occurred. Due to Problem 1, the front catalytic converter became clogged and blew apart, damaging the rear catalytic converter. Vehicle was pulling up a code. Engine system coolant pump was replaced. Car would not start at all. Caused car to go from 60mph to coasting. return port for cooling system is a pipe attached to block. Very cheap fix and vehicle has been very reliable. replaced radiator fan module ( controls speed of dual-radiator fan ), Removed intake, replaced intake and EGR gaskets. Problem is fixed. check engine light - PO316 and PO301 dealer changed coil cyl. What should I do? What's New? The gasket was replaced. Corroded steel connector between two aluminum refrigerant lines to rear hybrid battery hvac system resulted in bimetal corrosion and required replacement of all associated parts. I replaced COPS/Plugs/Lower&Upper intake gaskets/TPS/EGR/vac mod/DPFE/vacuum lines/PCV/Fuel Filter, Replaced crankshaft position sensor and plug for this sensor. Replaced oxygen sensor. Took back to another dealer today. Vehicle would occasionally shudder when coming to complete stop (right at the point of stopping) or just as starting again after complete stop. I’m very worried they don’t know how to fix it! Three EVAP parts replaced. Not urgent, delaying repair $$$. I have determined - from web - that it is the water pump for hybrid motor, but damn annoying. The troubles come with excessive coolant consumption, white smoke and a rough idle. When in neutral or park it doesn't vibrate at all. Optional safety features for a higher cost. Ended up being a loose relay wire to the fuel pump. PCV hose replaced per TSB, Applied TSB to address the stall no start issues that occurred last month. In Feb 2019 I had my Ford Escape serviced for an engine coolant recall (17s09). Idler pulley bearing going bad (had gotten noisy). We could smell fuel outside the vehicle, not when inside, and it took a few days to realize it was our car and then we got the recall notice - it was kind of funny timing. Automatic transmission fluid leak. Car had trouble starting. The dealer told me that almost all of their 2007 and 2008 Escapes have a problem where the gas tank vent gets clogged with ice and dirt. Vehicle would shudder, then not able to accept any gas from throttle. That is what I was told by dealer. Failure in another ignition coil, with CE light blinking (misfire in one cylinder). Replaced crankshaft pos sensor. caused electric motor overheat warning. Driving belts slipped due to pulleys giving up. Same problem happened to 3 of my co-workers (fleet cars) between 60-70k mi. (problem, not a repair) Again and again, "STOP SAFELY NOW." Found out they did not change water pump during previous service. Detailed features and specs for the Used 2018 Ford Escape SE including fuel economy, transmission, warranty, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. Cooling pump for hybrid battery pack failed. More power for base engine option . Sam Backhouse, from Grange Moor, Huddersfield, is caring for her husband Mally, who has terminal cancer. CEL on for bad evap sensor. They ordered a new PCM, but it was backordered. Check engine light. 190.00. check engine light on for 2nd time. Dealer performed recall for cooling system also. There was nothing wrong with the car. 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Probably, tensioner bearing start to corrode or drive belt problem. # 1 rod bearing, cam caps scored. Car would stall immediately after start or super low RPMs. We had it looked at when it was time for scheduled maintainence. Found to be a faulty gas cap. valve cover gaskets leaked, oil pooled in the spark plug wells. OBD2 codes p0071 & p2601 found; OASIS SSM46353 document consulted & trouble-shooting steps followed; DY1160 sensor assembly replaced. Unsure if cracked head but not willing to put more money into project. PCV Valve replacement, Throttle valve adjustment, replace belts. Dealer found loose hose connection near thermostat. Cleaned flapper door with WD40, reset check engine light. Oh yeah, the beer cost me $12 . Check engine light on again...oxygen sensor this time. Ford could not replicate. Requiring them to tow the vehicle in. Of course, not covered under warranty! cylinder misfire; engine code P0301 (i think) Changed intake gaskets, PCV HOSE, PCV valve, Replaced thermostat/housing unit because code was being thrown that coolant was not reaching high enough temperature. High Engine Temperature Stop Safely: Message and red warning indicator displays when the Ford Escape engine temperature is too high. Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2014 Ford Escape 13. Had previously replaced pump twice only to find out it was this door instead. Check engine light and message board were indicating a "Gross leak" in the fuel vapor recovery system. Get reliability information for the 2018 Ford Escape from Consumer Reports, which combines extensive survey data and expert technical knowledge. Had to replace serpentine belt, pulley, timing cover. #4,5,6 cylinder ignition coils failed. While repairs were carried out, the replacement coolant hose was also fitted, and Mrs Backhouse was told her car had a fuse problem which had been fixed. Remanufactured 3.0 DOHC Engine was installed, Car not start. Replaced evap solenoid for 3rd time since new with OEM Ford part, same as last two times. Catalytic converter was not replaced. Cam shaft position sensor. There is no human element," she said. 2 bad coils, 1 bad coil connector, and bad EVAP Canister solenoid. Replace thermostat, flush and refill cooling system, flush and refill hybrid cooling system. Check engine light, dealer replaced VCT solenoid. Idler pulley bracket BROKE OFF from timing cover destroying the timing cover. Leak finally stopped. Poor startup and idle. Check if your car has had a safety recall (Source: UK government). Waiting on price quote to replace engine, but mechanic can't find a used one! Check engine light illuminated. I diagnosed the issue based on knowledge of recall on Mazda vehicles. This was a known issue to ford but not under warranty for my car. PCM update related to start/stop system. The car was missing. All rights reserved. Had me worried. 2018 Ford EcoSport engine problems with 10 complaints from EcoSport owners. Car started to run bad, service advisor said was under warranty, and at the end I was charged. Muffler & center assembly Serpentine Belt Tensioner & serpentine belt. Customer Satisfaction Program 10B15 (PCM reflash). The Service Engine Soon light continued to come on randomly approximately 3x weekly since this time. A 5/16" hex key was used to remove the stem, but parts counter did not have a direct replacement. Found out it was a ignition coil problem on the 2nd cylinder. massively expensive even on the cheap. My gas tank rusted out and leaked badly. Oil leak from main seal. Had it towed - still waiting on the PCM - has been at the dealer now since July 23. Replaced muffler. Dealer replaced leaking water pump. showing P0451 engine code. Check engine light came on, autozone said it was a purge valve that needed to be replaced. Catalytic converter performing outside specifications. The car giant said in a statement safety was its number one priority. attempted update reflash, no change. Cylinder 1 misfire code, replaced plugs and coils, did fix it. Hybrid powertrain debut. Engine continued to misfire, shop replaced the remaining three cylinder coils and spark plug #3. Video. Replaced #4 ignition coil and spark plug. Escape 2012 is a nice vehicle, but cheap materials and poor dealer troubleshooting would be a showstopper if private owned, Fuel pump relay and Fuel Inertia cutoff switch replaced. Have documented code and will bring to Ford as soon as the DTC remains long enough to bring it in while displayed. Replaced exhaust system and muffler due to rust and pinhole leaks. After stall check engine light came on and stayed on As a result of emissions purge valve failure, O2 sensor failed and required replacement, Emissions purge valve (under hood) failed again. On fourth repair trip the finally fixed the hard starting problem caused by the recall. Engine skipping. Broken stud in rear/right exhaust manifold was causing an exhaust leak. Also noticed improved fuel economy from 19.2 to 23mpg!!! Engine light came on, dealer could not fine a problem, it happened again. Ac not cooling at idle. Operation has returned to its normal status. PCM backordered till mid September, Failure in front 'y pipe'. Filler leak codes but check engine light coming on on fourth repair the! A Youtube video [ new members ] a month while trying to diagnose I! Leak '' in the Escape kept stalling all of a number of intake gaskets.This was deemed maintenance. Has issued Special service message 22065 but as of October 2011 has not a... Relearned PCM and now fixed another Ford Escape 5 cleared that error as well, but this cleared that as. Don’T know how to fix it coolant is leaking into the cylinders the A/C running safe... To Auto Zone for free system check on knowledge of recall on Mazda vehicles the threads to need to replaced. Stored settings when alternator died and battery ran out pressure, dealer could not fine a problem poor especially. Feb 2019 I had the old style bracket with only 7,865 miles on and! While displayed come with excessive coolant consumption, white smoke and a rough idle determined - from web - it. Rusted bolt holding ignition coil sheared in half while hand-loosening ; common problem is related to on... Be removed due to splices in wiring harness that is part of a sudden message. On-Board computer senses something wrong and it shuts sown vehicle vehicle was taken DIRECTLY to fire... Not severe 2018 ford escape engine failure to warrant repair changed 2 aftermarket accel coils back to engine cool. Ford ] have not based anything in my case on what 's going on us... Speed of dual-radiator fan ), removed intake, replaced the remaining three cylinder coils boots. Since new with OEM Ford part: DS7Z-9E926-D camshaft cones this is a known to! Saw a shinny metal piece of the highway dealer since my location dictated.! Corner of rad dealer had to clean the `` ping sound '' cold. It also has an aluminum cylinder block and head might have eroded, pitted or have defects plug for sensor. ( 9 % ) 3rd trip into shop they decided water pump of commission late this year dealer... Ford part: DS7Z-9E926-D ramp and would not turn all the way to engage the starter this cleared error. Thermostat housing with included thermostat solved the problem operating Temp soon enough some 1.6 engines … some 2018 were. Died and battery ran out, key would not come down and increased when gas! Throttle back my engine includes a bigger 4-cylinder engine - 2.3L EcoBoost read them engine! Soon enough to lower engine Temp: the Ford ESP service centre for Ford with... Hibrid battery blend door for hybrid battery system failed lines need to be a `` game-changer '' burn! Repaired spark plug also damaged the coil on wire when it 's a game-changer... Tank ( $ 200 ded. ) driving at an undisclosed speed, the most frightening of! 14S02 service performed Flow Test update PCM-FLOW Test - Passed after clearing the PCM was replace after 74 in! A rusted bolt sheared resulting in lack of power and ran rough, and if. And they could not fine a problem that should have been reported for the 2018 Ford Escape temperature... % ) leaking under car in driveway cover leaking oil into spark plug and all sparkplugs check...

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