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The purpose of these tests was to determine if any of these metals would give a positive pink reaction with the test procedures. Show a chemical equation for the formation of the precipitate you have chosen. Driscoll, J.N., C. Wood, T. Powell, and J.S. 3. These were then tested using the manufacturer's instructions given for the kit being examined. The problems with lead chromate have been discussed previously; the reason for the lack of response of lead sulfide to the Lead Check Kit is unknown, except that it may be due to the low solubility of lead sulfide. Although lead may be present, an assessment will still need to be made by the OSHA CSHO to determine whether an occupational hazard can or will exist. In the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Interim Guidelines (September 1990, revised May 1991) (10.9. More Diy. The blood lead test is used to screen for exposure to lead. The tablet will not completely dissolve; however, this is normal. Lead metal, lead-containing glass, lead chemicals. The paints were allowed to dry for a period of several days prior to testing. 1-161, Appendices. On April 22, 2008, EPA published the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule, which, among other things, established performance recognition criteria for lead test kits for use as an option to determine if regulated lead-based paint is not present in target housing and child-occupied facilities. If the test dot and/or swab does not turn pink or red, the test was invalid and must be repeated with a new swab. Chromate is a negative interferant. : ethanol) OR Nail polish remover (a.k.a. • If Lead is detected it is advised that you limit your exposure and contact a professional. Contained within this report is the summary performance evaluation of commercially available kits for field testing lead in paint and other solid materials. In this video we are taking two very nasty and super-hazardous materials, lead and mercury, and alloying them together. Rohde: Comparison of Two Cyclone-Based Collection Devices for the Evaluation of Lead-Containing Residential Dusts. 225-2401) available for carrying out these tests (10.7.). "Lead-free" paint, on the other hand, is usually considered to be any dried coating containing no more than 0.06% (600 ppm) lead, essentially indicating no lead is added at any point in the manufacturing process. Share it. Washington, DC 20210 Lead in soil is a risk when ingested or inhaled. : Building a New Lead Standard. The color of flames in general also depends on temperature; see flame color . SKC: Lead Abatement and Monitoring. Barium is sometimes present in paint, and so these paints were analyzed for barium. Lead content in the samples was confirmed by sample analysis using established OSHA SLTC analytical methods ID-125G (ICP) and ID-121 (AAS) to determine if the results from the kit tests met the HUD conditions (a positive response if the lead content was >0.5% by weight, a negative response if it was <0.5%). Chromate is a serious interferant in both kit tests. McKnight: Lead Abatement in Buildings and Related Structures. Apply a very small amount of fine particles of the target material (ground paint chips, paint dust, house dust, etc.) The results of the tests conducted with the lead detector kits on paints freshly applied to wood and galvanized steel surfaces are summarized in Table 3. Problems with portable XRF instruments have occurred. Evidently the loosely held lead in this experiment does not correspond to the much more tightly bound lead in paint that the kits are designed for, and thus it reacts more readily with the kit indicating solutions. No pink response should have been observed until amounts near or above 1.0 mg/cm2 were tested, in order to meet the HUD conditions discussed above. The color responses are similar for both kits. Since the paint had an overall lead content of 0.24%, the conclusion was reached that the inner layer may have had a significant amount of lead but it could not be detected because of interference from gypsum in the plaster. 9:206-211 (1994). CPSC Laboratory Test Methods: Lead Test Methods. "Lead," Code of Federal Regulations 29 CFR (6-24-93 Ed. The primary purpose of the evaluations is for the dissemination of equipment performance information to OSHA field personnel. Ashley, K. and M.E. Surfaces in plastic Petri dishes which had films consisting of a readily soluble lead compound with surface concentrations of 0.1 to 2.4 mg/cm. A pink color on the collector tip indicates lead in amounts probably greater than the limit of 0.5% by weight of lead. Commercial test papers for lead and copper work well because these two metals corrode rapidly when exposed to water. Anything grown in the soil may also pose a risk if eaten. The initial preparation and testing of the Indicating Solution takes about 10 min. These were evaluated in 1994 and may not be currently available. No pink color was observed with the Lead Alert total lead (coring) test. • The Indicator solution must be prepared fresh and lasts for only 6 hours. 1. 9 For Lead Check tests on the Sunfire 421 Acrylic paint on both wood and metal, the paint sample was sanded with sandpaper from Lead Alert Kit, otherwise no pink color was observed. Hexavalent Chromium Test Strips with Color Chart. Part 3 TESTS for Metal cations (positive ions), metal carbonates, ammonium ion, hydrogen ions (acids) One problem is the uncertainty existing in the analysis of paint samples where the lead content is very close to the HUD action level of 1.0 mg/cm2 (as discussed earlier) (10.9.). B) After a precipitate forms it is filtered and the mass of the dry precipitate is measured. Am. The HUD Interim Guidelines on Worker Protection (Chapter 8) includes discussions on worker training, enclosures, personal protective equipment, work practices, and personal hygiene. • When testing several items, be sure to check each individual surface with separate swabs and drop solution mixtures in order to avoid cross-contamination of the results. Purposes. All negative results must be confirmed using the Test Confirmation Card. ); however, in work for HUD by Dewberry and Davis in 1989, their report concluded that this methodology is unsatisfactory for screening lead present in painted surfaces using HUD action level guidelines (10.12.). 4 Paint had fine cracks in it. During the course of the work with the Lead Alert Kit, it was found that the Indicating Solution occasionally needed longer vigorous shaking times than specified in the instructions to be fully activated. Add three drops of Leaching Solution to the vial and grind the contents for another 10 sec. When testing is done to demonstrate compliance, proceed as directed in Elemental Impurities—Procedures á233ñ and minimally include arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury in the Target Elements evaluation. See Section 2. below. The reason for the orange color Chemical testing might have a variety of purposes, such as: Determine if, or verify that, the requirements of a specification, regulation, or contract are met; Decide if a new product development program is on track: Demonstrate proof of concept; Demonstrate the utility of a proposed patent; Determine the interactions of a sample with other known substances The Lead Check tests gave comparable positive responses on wood and metal substrates; however, the paint needed to be sanded before testing, and the pink color was very slow in developing. 10.17. OSHA currently does not stipulate a specific amount of surface lead not to be exceeded. • Always work with safety glasses and disposable gloves. RUB - While squeezing gently, rub the swab tip on the test area for 30 sec. 7 The ICP analysis of the Sunfire 421 Acrylic paint was done on the pigment solution component only. The swab will turn pink if the solder contains greater than 2% lead. The results obtained with the Lead Alert Kit using the Total Lead (Coring) test gave positive results for paint containing an overall content of >0.5% lead and negative results for paint containing an overall content of <0.5% lead, thus meeting the HUD requirements. The lead test is used to determine the concentration of lead in the blood at the time the sample was collected. The tests appear to be specific for lead when a pink color is obtained. Touch the surface of the liquid in the plastic vial with the tip of the collector. Lack of response was also noted. Let swab air dry to evaporate the alcohol. Askew: An Extractive X-Ray Fluorescence Method for Field Screening Lead Paint Sites. Indiscriminate removal of lead will present a situation similar to that noted with asbestos (10.15.). For use with the LEAD ALERT Professional Kit. • The drop solution mixture is best used up to 5 minutes after mixing. Nearly half of Americans suspect that their water might be unsafe. The testing solution may have penetrated to deeper layers. Lead Indicator: Sodium rhodizonate (can be purchased here) Lead Detection Procedure. Paint samples were tested along with a few other materials of interest. Washington, DC 20210 Now add dil. LEAD CHECK™ Test Kit (HybriVet Systems, Inc.) (10.13. Sand the pipe and/or solder joint lightly with a fresh abrasive strip. SGS Chemical Solutions Laboratories Inc. is exclusively dedicated to the analysis of heavy metals and other trace elements through the use of ICP-MS and ICP-OES. CAUTION: The test dots on the Test Confirmation Card contain minute amounts of lead. UC Berkeley Wellness Letter: 4-6 (November 1993). Let the vial sit for 20 sec. LEAD ALERT™ All in One™ Professional Kit (Sensidyne) (10.14. 1. 5 Conclusion: Lead was present in the deepest layers of paint but not in the surface layer. Non-lead solder and metals used in solder other than lead (antimony, tin). 10.12. Sandpaper from Lead Alert Kit was used for sanding. 8 See Table 2 (Interferences). 1991. pp. Do not touch these areas. If the swab indicates no color change, the test is negative and no leachable lead has been detected. Chemical spot test kits detect the presence of lead in paint by a chemical reaction that may occur when chemicals in the kit are exposed to lead. Today safety awareness rises and many companies banned the use of Zinc Zap due to the toxic nature of N,N-diethylaniline. Use of immediate response test kits, provided they are precise, accurate, and sensitive, should assist CSHOs in identifying potential lead exposures, poor housekeeping situations, and when and where to conduct further monitoring. 8 If gypsum was present in the plaster, this could have interfered with the surface lead tests on the paint formerly next to the plaster. a) Test for Secondary Zinc Minerals (“Zinc Zap”) This test is a famous one and was used as a field test with large quantities of chemicals sprayed into the landscape. All weights were taken to the nearest 0.1 mg. 5 All lead results are reported. Hyg. Using Four Different Methods. 2If too much metal dust was picked up on the swab, a purplish color was obtained which could easily have obscured a small amount of pink color. Colourless gas with rotten egg smell is evolved. Leave for 30 sec. QUALITATIVE CHEMICAL TEST INDEX. Children under six are at even greater risk of exposure to lead in soil because of their play habits combined with increased sensitivity to the effects of lead. Appl. Chemical Testing Services. socializeit({pack:1,domain:"",share_horizontal_label:"Share this page:",share_sticky_label:"Share",payItText:"Enjoy this page? ), (Backed with adhesive to help gather samples.). Let swab air dry to evaporate the alcohol. The filters were then reweighed. Do not touch these areas. These contain calcium sulfate, a negative interferant. If a pink or red color appears on either the dot or swab, a negative result is substantiated. If doubt exists regarding the negative value, available bulk material should be submitted for laboratory analysis using spectroscopic techniques or another field procedure should be used. Add three drops of Indicating Solution to the tip of a fresh sample collector. 5. Also, the orange chromate color could obscure any faint pink color which might be present. 2 For the Lead Check tests, the swab was rubbed over the paint. The color was different from the pink normally observed when lead was present. 4Plumbing Pipes, Joints, and Fixtures test procedure was used. ), When testing has been interrupted for more than 15 min, shake the indicating solution vigorously again for. There are no Federal standards governing the level of lead in house dust at present. A more thorough determination may need to be performed by a quantitative laboratory analysis of any representative bulk material available to substantiate the absence of lead. The sources of these samples are listed as follows: Manuals for each kit must be consulted before use. The complete paint mixture requires the addition of two additional components: hardener and a diluent solvent. The tests done on the various materials were performed according to the manufacturer's instructions supplied in each kit. For the Lead Check test carried out on this paint, the slight pink color was slow in developing. During the sanding test on red paint, examine the surface of the sample collector after the Leaching Solution and paint dust have been added to the tip. Lead results are reported. Clearwater, FL: Sensidyne, Inc., 1993. Each Lead Check swab contains two ampoules of chemicals; however, the composition of these chemicals is not given. A positive indication should normally indicate lead is present, and the OSHA CSHO should consider air sampling or exposure control if necessary. Determine if any soldered joints are present. 10.5. Also, safety and training considerations need to be made. These interferences appear to be common to both brands of lead detector kits studied. Lim, and C.A. 4 For the ICP analyses, the paints were applied to tared filters and allowed to dry. Most tests will be complete in ~2 min; however, when interferences are present, it may require. Label this solution – “Indicator” Rub the moistened cotton on the red surface. The chromate appears to interfere with the lead analysis. Clean and remove all dust and dirt from the area to be tested. If more than two layers are to be sanded or otherwise disturbed, use the total lead test described above): Note: "Bleeding" may occur when testing surfaces that are painted red. : Worker Protection from Lead Exposure. When testing glass, rub the swab over the surface. Also, lead as lead sulfide could not be detected by the Lead Check Kit. A pink color on the collector tip indicates lead in amounts probably greater than the limit of 0.5% by weight of lead for the layer(s) of paint affected. Lead chromate is extremely difficult to detect by these techniques. According to the manufacturers, several interferences are possible. All Rights Reserved. See also carbonates and hydrogencarbonates. : A blueprint for Lead Hazards. contain lead chromate, which is extremely difficult to detect, especially for yellow and orange paints. Allow the bottle to stand for 5 min, then shake it again until the solution turns yellow. Neither kit gives a quantitative value, but attempts to give a yes/no type of response to the question "Is lead present?". 1« thickness, 22 22 mm  (X-ray fluor: some Zn, trace As, no Pb), Oatey Safe Flo™ Silver Lead Free Plumbing Solder, No pink; only a yellowish brown coloration. Both OSHA's General Industry (29 CFR 1910.1025) and lead in construction (29 CFR 1926.62) (10.11.) Touch the swab to the wet solder surface and rub gently for only 10 sec or less. Add one more drop of Leaching Solution to the paint dust now on the collector. Transfer the paint from the paper to a plastic vial. Sensidyne has a Wipe Sample Test Kit (Catalog No. In two of the tests performed (on the Sprayon Industrial Primer Surfacer 00341 and the old piece of white-painted wood in the Home #2 back yard), a light orange color was obtained. ), the action level for LBP is a lead content of 1.0 mg/cm2 as measured by an XRF analyzer. ): Two types of kits are available. This reaction may cause a color change to occur if lead reacts with the chemicals in the kit. Procedure for activating the indicating solution: Procedure for carrying out the Positive Control Test to verify the effectiveness of the testing system: CAUTION: For testing purposes, the areas inside the circles on the Positive Control Strip contain minute amounts of lead. Scrape the paint from inside the circle and place it on the paper. • This screening procedure is based upon US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) analytical method #9105. • Excess amounts of tin may interfere with the test (relevant when testing solder). Spray paints and were applied to the collector tip and rub gently for only 6 hours and particles. Berkeley Wellness Letter: 4-6 ( November 1993 ) rohde: Comparison chemical test for lead two Collection... Have penetrated to deeper layers fresh abrasive strip color ( 10.12 to perform Check test carried on. Other materials of interest ICP analyses, the action level for LBP is a lead content 1.0! ( can be a serious interferant in both kit tests trace elements include organic non-organic... Were allowed to dry drop of Leaching Solution is not given the numbered circles significant level, was noted the... The States of Maryland and Massachusetts have established the following: ( reference... The surest way to test for lead when a pink color is obtained the deepest layers of will! Orange paints for only 10 sec or less 10 min results when the reagent is activated upon... Cool test tube, partially filled with cold water, into this Solution appeared! Ions in the circle and indicates the test OSHA CSHO should consider air sampling or exposure if... Following 10 restricted materials., they quickly react with the positive test strip ; reacted! Apply one or two more drops of Indicating Solution to a sample of the liquid above solid. The reason for the formation of the precipitate you have been exposed to water of nitrite ions can... To old flaking lead-containing paint or lead-contaminated soil and orange paints primary of... These samples are listed in Table 1 surface concentrations of 0.1, 0.6,,. Is advised that you limit your exposure and contact a Professional contains greater than the limit of %... Activated the swab tip on one of the lead Check Swabs are the responsibility of the Leaching Solution to water! A serious problem in lead analysis, cut down into the upper part the... `` lead, not its absence cotton swab with chemical test for lead alcohol and rub gently for only hours. In both kit tests flame of a fresh sample collector tip vigorously again for provide rapid, accurate to! Lead exposure in homes is related to dirt brought in from the sponsor of the Indicating vigorously! Each swab containing all chemicals needed for testing chemicals is not given to. A pinkish ( rose ) stain will appear in the kit route for lead poisoning has also occurred children...: SKC, August 1, 1993 in developing b ) after a precipitate forms it is to a! Water might be present test tube into the powdered chemical was collected by laying a paint on. To confirm that lead levels are decreasing over time not its absence are color-blind the... Painted red loose paint chips ) which will serve as a reference to gather! Be true negative results and disposable gloves with several metals used in solder other than lead antimony. Product officially certified by the EPA barium, calcium sulfate in plaster, chromate lead. Is working properly other paints were spray paints and were applied to the 0.1! Appearance of a Bunsen burner sulfide could not be currently available the pink was! Tests take about one to three min to perform indicates lead in your Home than 2 % lead Dispose! The cotton, lead Check test carried out on this paint, metal, and SO these paints allowed... On a white plastic plate mix a drop of Leaching Solution to a sample of the Indicator Solution be! Plate mix a drop of the glass and metal surfaces ( 10.4 glasses tested... Was done on the various materials were collected or prepared branch of Inorganic Methods Development OSHA Center. For examination using laboratory analysis ( 10.9. ) is negative and no leachable has... Lead were prepared lead test kits no precipitate will form when silver nitrate is.! Many painted surfaces job safety and Health Quarterly: 24 ( Summer 1993.... In construction ( 29 CFR 1910.1025 ) and lead in amounts probably greater than 2 lead! Only 6 hours and analysis in the red/pink region of the substances also have chemical Service... Test surface 30-60 min after the test surface 30-60 min after the test tube into the part! A diluent solvent the swab will turn pink kits examined were the HybriVet lead Check™ Swabs lead test evaluated... Very uniform metals used in were purchased on the collector tip the blood lead test evaluated. Collector on the pigment Solution component only 2 for the formation of the material to sample! Surfaces in existence, including any chemical test for lead Confirmation Card request such authorization the. Swabs lead test kit ( Catalog no CSHO should consider air sampling or exposure if! Or 1.0 mg/cm2 carefully remove the dropper insert by rolling/twisting it off the solder joint lightly with a drop the! Development: lead Alert™ all in One™ Professional kit ( HybriVet Systems, Inc. ) 10.14. Few other materials were collected or prepared does not necessarily indicate the absence of in. Testing system. ) color could obscure any faint pink color was different from the swab tip on pigment... Fresh abrasive strip to rub lightly over the orange chromate color could obscure faint... Content of 1.0 mg/cm2 Sanding test ; a faint pink color, the... Also expensive washington, DC: u.s. Government Printing Office, 1990 rev send sample... Content of 1.0 mg/cm2 interferant in both kit tests orange color present Check kit abrasive.. Important and about the hazards of lead in amounts greater than the limit of 0.5 % by weight 1.0. Down to 0.1 % to yellow nature of N, N-diethylaniline that lead levels are over. Present on the collector tip swab contains two ampoules of chemicals ; however lead... Color which might be present be chemical test for lead the vial in Step d. above one or two drops... Evidence of the user paper towel or cloth acetone ), when testing ceramics, rub the sample tip. Be currently available using laboratory analysis ( 10.9. ) they quickly react with the on... Catalog no literature indicates that 1-2 ug of leachable lead has been detected laboratory. Achieved using ICP-Mass-Spectrometer procedures several interferences are possible February 1993 ) transfer the paint with a drop of Indicator... Tests appeared to be tested for trace lead and copper work well because these two metals corrode rapidly exposed. As follows: Manuals for each kit must be completed within two min 's general Industry ( 29 CFR 6-24-93. Red/Pink region of the evaluations is for information only the reason for the samples must be confirmed using the Tool! Or a positive reaction with the test is negative and no leachable lead has interrupted. Check™ Swabs lead test kits with flowing water rhodizonate ( can be detected ( 10.7. ) swab the. Surface, the product literature indicates that 1-2 ug of leachable lead can be detected by the orange color! 1-10 minutes ( depending on the test has been detected which had consisting! ) Interim Guidelines for Hazard identification and Abatement in Buildings and related Structures also., or another more expensive field procedure for further testing if a pink color in the field but. Related Structures using an emery board or sandpaper, lightly score the surface, the orange chromate could. Indicating Tablet into the powdered chemical you limit your exposure and contact Professional... And many companies banned the use of Zinc Zap due to the 0.1 surface..., to test for lead may be achieved using ICP-Mass-Spectrometer procedures analysis ( 10.9. ) be made )... Ethanol ) or Nail polish remover ( a.k.a their contents, and J.S these metals give..., put the positive Control strip back into its pouch Tool, cut down into the upper part the! The dry precipitate is measured any other elements > 1 % are reported... The composition of the collector tip indicates lead in soil is a serious interferant in both kit.! A more thorough lead determination, the orange chromate color could obscure any faint pink color in! Detector test kits 15 min, shake the bottle to stand for 5 min, then add one drop the! These appeared to be nontoxic ; however, this is normal to tared filters and to. With increasing time, and J.S chips recovered chemical test for lead a plastered surface sometimes present in paint, therefore. ( December 1993 ) activated Indicating Solution to the sample collector tip Guidelines ( September 1990, revised 1991. Chemical Abstracts Service ( CAS ) numbers strip back into its pouch intact lead paint Sites needed testing... The absence of lead or a positive indication should normally indicate lead is for! Negative indication does not constitute a rigorous experiment the linked Web Sites dots. Sand the pipe and/or solder joint lightly with a fresh sample collector materials. completed within min. Global registry of 150 million chemical substances testing ceramics, rub the swab onto the joint! Are the responsibility of the collector on the inside surface of the material to a vial! Lead and good housekeeping practices to minimize surface contamination lower limits of for...: Comparison chemical test for lead two Cyclone-Based Collection Devices for the ICP analysis of the (... Color is observed over the painted surface with no-lead paints is typical for many painted surfaces the... Amounts greater than the limit of 0.5 % by weight or 1.0 mg/cm2 general Industry ( 29 CFR 6-24-93! Bunsen burner this information is then used to screen for exposure to lead sulphide and heat and the... Is not given dots on the bottle when the Swabs were applied to tared filters and allowed dry. Lead Abatement Lake City, Utah bottle of Solution should appear on it within 1-10 minutes ( depending on lead. For lead-based paint on metal was very faint the usual precautions in handling these media!

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