Moving Overseas

Whether returning home or leaving home with an international move, an entire mix of human emotions is involved.  There is excitement, fear, joy, exhaustion, frustration, impatience, and  the list goes on.  The goal of the team at Wickman Worldwide Services is to add to that list with relief and confidence later followed with satisfaction at time of delivery. Read more


Plan My Move

Careful planning, organization and commonsense can greatly facilitate your international relocation.  It is most beneficial to begin the planning process weeks in advance of the actual move.  Some general guidelines follow: read more

Pre-move survey

A scheduled appointment is made by the packing agent to make a detailed assessment in the residence of everything that will be moved. The survey helps determine the estimated weight and volume of the shipment for the ultimate construction of the quotation. Additionally, the survey determines the accessibility to the residence, the amount of packing materials required, crew size and special considerations such as crating for marble or glass, disassembly of items such as exercise machines and if a vehicle will be involved in the shipment.

Customized quotation

Recognizing each move is unique the preparation of the quotation allows the customer to view exactly the basis of the calculations and a clearly defined description of the inclusions and exclusions of the pricing.

Professional packing

Only qualified, experienced, licensed and insured movers are contracted to perform the residential packing. Most in the USA are affiliated with a major van line requiring intense vetting of crew members along with drug testing.

Professional delivery

Upon completion of customs formalities the delivery to residence is scheduled by a professional, licensed and insured moving company. Standard delivery involves the inside placement of all articles in the shipment. Unpacking and same day removal of the debris will also be performed. Standard assembly of non- modular furniture is handled by the moving crew. Specialty carpentry or assembly is contracted to a third party specialist. Standard delivery does not include hanging pictures, electrical or plumbing work, placing clothing in closets or dishes in the cupboard. Dishes will be unpacked and placed on a flat surface.

Complete transportation services

All modes of transportation are employed depending on the specific shipment. Those modes include inland trucking or rail to and from the port or airport from origin residence to delivery residence. Ocean transport and air transport are utilized worldwide to and from all major airports and seaport.

Customs clearance

Customs formalities are completed in conjunction with a worldwide network of licensed customs house brokers. Please refer to import requirements for shipments arriving in the USA. Customs clearance for overseas destinations is coordinated with the assigned delivery agent in the specific country.

Secured storage

Due in part to the lucrative U.S. military contracts and subsequent minimum requirements for the past several decades it is now common for a storage facility to have a fenced warehouse, security system, and sprinkling system should a fire occur. We qualify each storage facility prior to allowing a customer’s goods to be stored.


International transit insurance policies are issued internally per shipment when supported by a valuation declaration prepared by the customer. The assigned insurance company is Inter Trans Insurance. They are a long established company with excellent underwriters. All claims settlements are handled by their office and supported by documentation supplied from our facilities.

Although we hate to hear of any issues, this is why we have insurance.  Below is the link for filing a claim online.  Once it is received by the underwriter, they will contact me for additional documentation.

Details are as follows:

Please note the claim must be filed within 45 days of delivery – and the owner must be the one who submits.