As with any insurance product, we hope it never has to be used. But, it is prudent purchase a policy for international transit insurance. The journey from door to door must go through a process of multiple increments of transportation and handling. Through our long-established underwriters, Wickman Worldwide Services, Inc. can issue an insurance policy for the protection of your goods should it be necessary.

The issuance of an insurance policy requires you to complete a valuation worksheet ( form below) detailing a value associated with each item(s) listed. Although often perceived as a tedious task going throughout your home, listing items and affixing a value, the end result can be very rewarding should there actually be loss or damage. A properly completed valuation worksheet removes all possibilities of a subjective assessment by the insurance company and works in your favor with a signed description of the item and the declaration of its value.

When a quotation was submitted for your move you were provided a premium percentage. The purpose was to allow you to control the premium amount you wish to spend on the transit insurance. The inherent tendency is reduce the premium by undervaluing or omitting some items. That can lead to frustrating results later should there be an actual claim. The best course is to make a fair estimate of the replacement costs and declare as such. As soon as WWS receives the signed value declaration, the insurance policy is issued.

Please take a moment to review the terms and conditions of our insurance company outlined on this site.