International Moving Guide

Whether returning or leaving home on an international move, an entire mix of human emotions is involved with all members of the household.  There is excitement, fear, joy, exhaustion, frustration, impatience and at some point, every emotion is on display.  The goal of the team at Wickman Worldwide Services is to add to that list with relief and confidence, later followed with satisfaction at time of delivery.

Having handled thousands of international moves, the experience shine when time for the actual relocation.  Clear and concise communications is a must.  We work with each customer to know in advance the schedule requirements and any exceptions we should expect.  Pre-planning then is coordinated with each vendor in the service chain.  Each increment of the service is critical to offer the level of performance we have established the bar of excellence for our company.

At Wickman Worldwide Services, Inc., we recognize we are only as good as the last move.  Every effort is made to give each customer full satisfaction and to make the process transparent and stress-free.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and offer our personal touch to your pending move.   Our name is on our company and that can only be protected with complete customer satisfaction.