Plan My Move

Careful planning, organization and commonsense can greatly facilitate your international relocation.  It is most beneficial to begin the planning process weeks in advance of the actual move.  Some general guidelines follow:

  • Confirm the exact date you must vacate your residence with Wickman Worldwide or your booking agent.
  • Review the list of restricted items and begin to isolate them from the goods that will go.
  • If your destination residence is smaller than your present, begin to dispose of unwanted items or those not necessary.
  • If your residence is in an apartment building, confirm with the management anything that is required such as elevator reservations and/or an insurance policy.
  • Prepare to discontinue your final services such as water, electricity, cable, newspapers, etc.
  • Prepare one separate location for all important documents, including family passports, visas, bank information, rental agreements, credit card information, birth certificates, marriage certificate, insurance documents and any other important family or financial documentation. Prepare to carry that with you personally and not in the shipment.
  • Confirm destination country requirements for vaccinations and comply well in advance.
  • Begin the process of preparing a valuation worksheet for transit insurance (see insurance page on this site).
  • If you are taking a vehicle review the requirements on this site.
  • Agricultural infestation is a major concern in most countries. Thoroughly wash all garden tools, lawn mower, patio furniture, outside cooking grills and outside décor.  No soil should be on any of those items.
  • Alcohol can be a problem with customs. It is prudent to confirm restrictions with destination country prior to moving. Wine can be brought into the USA but with limitations.  Please refer to the import section of this site.
  • Any items you pack or plan to pack prior to the move must be documented for both homeland security and insurance.   Please write a general list of contents on the box, prepare a separate list to accompany the movers copy, and if possible, leave open for the crew to inspect and inventory.
  • Do not put valuables in the shipment. Any money, jewelry, valuable documents or special items such as coin collections should be carried personally on your flight.
  • Propane tanks must per purged and labeled accordingly.